How to service the 80% AFUE gas furnace. Adjust burners and finish service. Part 9

The last of the videos on servicing the 80% gas furnace. Adjusting the primary air on the burners and finishing the job. This video is part of the heating an...

How To Maintain An Oil Burning Furnace

Oil burning furnaces need maintenance, more than gas or propane burning furnaces need. My own experience says you can go as long as 3 years without servicing it, but that is not advisable because sometimes the failure that results is severe (electrode insulator cracks, and you get the Bessemer Process on the electrode mount, which...


Questions & answers

stillchildfree stillchildfree says:
How to adjust an older Lennox Furnace?
I have a Lennox Gas Furnace that is 46 years old. I just replaced the Fan limit switch, but the blower is coming on after the flames have gone out and stays on for 5 minutes. How do I adjust the limit controls? There is one slide bar that goes...
Foggy says:
The part is supposed to be pretty close coming right out the box. You want the setting to be around 100 degrees and then tweak it from there. The way it works is pretty simple. Your burner comes on...
Janine B Janine B says:
My gas furnace makes a loud banging noise when it starts then works normally. What are the possible problems?
The noise is really loud and rumbles my house. I read somewhere that I might have dirty pilot or burners. Is this something that could cause a house fire? Are they easy to clean or should I call a repairman? Could the problem be something else?
gizmoe says:
This could be delayed ignition. It happens when the burners do not light off properly due to rust or dirt and the delay allows for a gas buildup. You need a service tech to clean and adjust...

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How To Adjust Gas Furnace Burner. ... DIY Natural Gas Furnace Burner Cleaning. This was my first bid at removing/cleaning my furnace burner with some guidance from ... How To Adjust Residential Natural Gas Furnace Burner Tubes. Comments You May Also Like. How to Adjust a Pilot Light Flame. Gas appliances typically use a pilot light to ignite the gas supply. Your furnace, water heater, gas ... How To Adjust Gas Furnace. Furnace Repair Sick and tired of of the Hassle of home repairs Request a Free Quote Today! The Paragon name has been in the heating ...
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