OEM Upgraded Replacement for Goodman Furnace Flame Sensor B11726-06

  • This is a Brand New Furnace Flame Sensor
  • When the flame sensor goes bad, the...
Price: $8.41

How to Light the Pilot Light on a Gas Furnace

This is the basics. Not all knobs will turn in the same direction, in fact the directions I am reading are different than the regulator on the furnace I am l...

Honeywell CQ100A1021 18-Inch Replacement Thermocouple for Gas Furnaces, Boilers and Water Heaters

by Honeywell
Price: $9.14

  • For 30 millivolt systems
  • Designed to install in 15 minutes or less
  • Universal adapter allows easy mounting on most pilot burners, including push-in, clamp-in and screw-in burners

A Guide to Troubleshooting Your Gas Furnace

No troubleshooting guide can cover every cause and solution for every gas furnace in existence. However, understanding the basic way a gas furnace works is a good start to diagnosing your furnace problems. The first step in troubleshooting your gas furnace is to observe exactly what your furnace is doing – or not doing – and narrow down the possible causes.


Questions & answers

Fred S Fred S says:
How do you adjust the size of the flame (pilot light)in a gas furnace?
This gas furnace is part of a/c unit located in attic, gas line is hooked up with Honeywell control unit.
Mike R. says:
The flame size shouldn't need to be changed. If you think it does, you need to call a contractor.
J179 J179 says:
Bryant Gas furnace pilot light keeps going out?
I have a somewhat older (1997) Bryant gas furnace. Occasionally the pilot light will go out and the furnace will run with non-heated air blowing. I cannot seem to detect any patteren to the light going out at all. It has gone out twice in two...
first thing to do is change the thermocouple. sounds like yours is having intermittent connection issues. you can get one at any home improvement store or neighborhood hardware/appliance store for...

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There are two types of gas furnaces. In the older type, the pilot light can be re-lit. The newer type consists of a furnace with an electrical set-up that ignites the ... Older gas furnaces use a standing pilot light to ignite the gas and generate heat. In these older furnaces, the pilot stays lit even if the furnace isn't running. If ... A gas furnace pilot light can go out because of drafts, which will prevent the furnace from working. Learn how to light a gas furnace pilot light. This tutorial describes how a standing pilot and thermocouple work in a furnace and how to light a standing pilot on a gas furnace.
Also searched as: Pilot Light Assembly Gas Furnace , How to Relight Furnace Pilot ,

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Regret: not making a Vine of the gas company tech teaching me how to light the furnace pilot light.
Gas Furnace Won't Light by Leonardo
Gas Furnace Won't Light by Leonardo
furnace pilot light
furnace pilot light
Where is the pilot light for my Bryant Furnace? - Ask Me Help Desk
Where is the pilot light for my Bryant Furnace? - Ask Me Help Desk

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