Scientific Tuesdays - Make a Homemade Light Bulb.

Light bulbs are a fairly simple invention and we can create our very own using some common household items. All you need to light up your day is a pencil lea...

Students, Muslims and Change

Although I’m middle aged, old enough to remember where I was when I heard President John F. Kennedy had been shot, I still miss those idealistic student days when we discussed change for our country and ourselves. …Well, that is to say, the choice was there: All the folks you’d pass in the student union building were bright eyed with excitement—I don’t know.


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Maylett91 Maylett91 says:
What causes a light bulb to explode in a thunderstorm?
"Short circuit of sorts. The light bulb must have over heated by a sudden rush of energy causing it to burst. Though the other lights just went out because the burst of energy only needed one main exit to exclude its energy. Thus the light bulb...
DaveSFV says:
You are mostly correct. If there is a surge in electricity then this will over heat the filament in the light bulb and causing it to fail. But causing it to shatter is very rare. It does happen...
Maekwill Maekwill says:
What is the largest sizes light bulb i can buy?
I want to make a fish tank out a light bulb real badly, but i don't want a normal sized light bulb because that wouldn't be fair to the fish. So, how big can i purchase a light bulb and how expensive, i don't want to go to expensive, so ideas and...
Lee says:
Any light bulb that is large enough to make a fish tank out of will be way out of your price range. Large bulbs cost hundreds of dollars. You may be able to find a maintenance electrician at a...

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The Fight against Consumerism and Planned Obsolescence. The Everlasting ...
The founder of the SOP movement has hit out against planned obsolescence by making an everlasting light bulb and establishing a movement with the aim of putting an end to the abusive practises of multinational companies. Benito Muros is one of the
Editorial: Perverse anti-science attitudes on light bulbs and energy that ...
Many of his supporters in organized labor want the jobs that the pipeline would create. But opposition to the pipeline is hardening in other parts of the Democratic constituency. If the light bulb-politics study is any indication, the fact that killing

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Find Your Lightbulb

Find Your Lightbulb

Published by Capstone 2010
ISBN 190729354X,9781907293542
272 pages
Would you love to start your own business but feel daunted by the slim odds of success? Do you dream about making millions but simply don't know where to start? Find Your Lightbulb answers all these questions, helping you to harness your ability to make millions from nothing more than a simple idea. You don't need to be superhuman, you don't need to have funds in the bank - you don't even need to have an amazing idea in order to get started. Serial entrepreneur Mike Harris shows you that all it takes is enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn. And Mike should know - he's spent the past 20 years creating successful businesses from apparently impossible ideas - ideas which everyone told him would never work. With invaluable business advice and case studies from entrepreneurs and innovators on both sides of the Atlantic, this make-it-happen manual will help you fix the odds of success firmly in your favour.

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“I read up about it when I knew what the disease was, but I really didn’t want to know the details of what happened ... the incremental changes in her health — she was losing weight and crying more — and so they were surprised when ...
Orogenesis refers to the immense forces within the Earth that create remarkable yet ephemeral mountains ... textures, colors and light, emerge. Digital photopainting refers to the modifications made to the original photographic image.


Conducting science experiments at home is an excellent way to learn how scientific principles work. One of the most educational experiments is to power an LED light ... Evidence has come to light that the Egyptians may have been the first to create a light bulb. An object resembling an early form of a light bulb called a Crookes tube ... In this video, we learn how to make a light bulb vase using any old light bulb. This is great for helping recycle old light bulbs to turn them into something beautiful! How to make a Light Bulb Vase. This DIY demonstration video shows how to empty out an old light bulb and make a cool home made vase, using a wire coat ...
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we didn't need much light, just enough to scare away the darkness on the shelves in our living room. after a couple months of puzzled gazing at nearly every lamp display in two states, we realized we could make what...
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How do I explain how ten of us wound up hiding in a utility closet at work this afternoon? Hmmmm. Maybe I don't.


RT @CappyMerica: How many Mericans does it take to make a light bulb? None. That's what we pay Chinaland for
How many Mericans does it take to make a light bulb? None. That's what we pay Chinaland for
RT @BriBryOnTour: How many homophobes does It take to change a light bulb? None. They are afraid of change, even if it will make the world …
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