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Thursday Musings and some Pictures - 300 Pounds Down

It’s one of those uncomfortable truths that people don’t like to own up to, but it’s fact. I don’t think you are wrong to enjoy the attention you are getting now – I think it’s normal. Just please, don’t settle. Enjoy yourself.


Questions & answers

Jake Jake says:
How do you switch bodies?
I'd really like to be able to switch bodies with another person and I was just wondering how it's done. Does anyone have any experience in this sort of thing?
♠♠• » αηιяυ∂∂нα αιяση « •♠♠ says:
Switching the bodies?? Don't know really...... But why do you want to do so?? Do you hate your body??
nonlocust nonlocust says:
To those who want to be the opposite sex this question is for you?
If body swapping is possible as in you and another person switch bodies. Say you and another person of the opposite both want to be different genders would you be willing to switch bodies with the opposite sex? If you do switch bodies you will...
Jill Edwards says:
In a heartbeat. Maybe we can get Scotty to work on doing that with the Enterprise transporter. lol

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How To Switch Bodies With Another Person. ... An (out of body) sorcery ritual to "switch bodies" swap bodies exchange bodies with another willing person. How to Switch Bodies with Another Person - Although the concept has been the subject of fiction, fiction is exactly what it is. There is in reality no way to swit As of December 2012, it is not possible to switch bodies with another person. There are some comedic movies about the subject. An (out of body) sorcery ritual to "switch bodies" swap bodies exchange bodies with another willing person.
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